Welcome to BrokenBuilders UMC’s online community! We are building together a beautiful community, both online and offline, in the 21st-Century postmodern world we live in.
BrokenBuilders UMC was founded on God’s command in Isaiah 60, which God revealed to us when we were preparing to plant this church. This is the wonderful Word of covenant that manifests God’s hands at work and our call to mission, empowering us to rise up and shine the light of the Word of God in the middle of Manhattan, New York. As we “lift up our eyes and see,” we witness at this very moment that the people are coming forth to our community in search of this light.
It is not by our own might that we bring the light of the Lord to the many souls in this world. We just deeply feel the hearts of those brothers and sisters who are broken inside, and we rely solely on the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit to advance into the awesome blue ocean of faith and spiritual renewal.
We hold onto the Word that “a little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the LORD will hasten it in his time” (Isaiah 60:22) as we continue our journey courageously. We invite you to join us in prayer for the broken-hearted people who are building together this community of hope and celebration on the rock of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Paul Moon
Lead Pastor