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Thrive Your Community on Your Brand Social Media

With concerns surrounding existing social networks, it’s time for a change. We construct a dedicated online community platform for your members and friends.

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Safer Online Community Experience

Connect, Interact & Increase Engagement and Belonging

With our B3M platform, you can create a vibrant, secure, and private online community that stimulates conversation, collaboration, small groups, community actions, fundraising activities, onboarding, online training, and more amongst all your members and people privately invited from the community.



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Your brand social media will make it happen.

Benefits of B3M Platform for Your Own 'Private Social Network"

Build a strong belonging and the online community by inviting a small number of your members into online small groups. Knowing that their conversations and personal data are safe, they can more inter-connect and get engaged. Your organization soon becomes a brand, and your members become your brand ambassadors privately inviting other persons into their groups. You will witness many people embarking on a new journey. 

Your Brand

Instead of seeing your community as a place, start to see your organization as a brand of an inviting and welcoming community. A brand has a robust online presence in today's culture.

Your Members

Your brand private network is the new membership solution for the social media generation. Tap on the power of hybrid learning system for the leadership development

Your Groups

The online small group is a carrier facilitating relationship building and fostering loyalty to your community. It is a window through which new people are invited and onboarded.

Your Stories

Various stories are fostered in small groups and shared. They move us to take responsive actions that create new stories. The community is the transformation stories reconnecting people to the community services.

Private Social Media Platform with Complete Features

You can build a landing page with online donations, live broadcasting, live chat, and more. In addition, you will tap the power of the online small groups for participants’ interests

Small Group Activity

It allows all small group members, SG leaders to post photos, other media discussions via the forum, and share ideas and stories into the group activity feed. 

Small Group Invites

Tapping on the power of personal invitation allows all small group members to send out an invitation to people via email. It is a new community engagement strategy.

Small Group Zoom Meeting

Create and host Zoom meetings within small groups, view upcoming meetings, past meetings, watch recordings, and more.

Small Group Virtual Class

Build your online training program on B3M platform provides an unparalleled e-learning experience. We integrate it with LearnDash, the powerful eLMS.

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