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What are we, the society that is obliged to be nurturing and caring for the young growing souls, doing for them? How do we connect with them to help them realize the fullest potential and worthiness they already possess? These were the questions that I had to ask when I moved into East Village, Manhattan with the church I pastor, looking at the sea of twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings flowing in and filling up the streets of St. Marks Place day and night, weekdays and weekends. – Rev. Dr. Paul Moon

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I am excited to see that this community is building bridges among the young, between different generations, between the world and the church, between humans and the divine. Tutti is still growing and expanding to different sites, where someone have dreamed and prayed about such a community like Tutti, and changing dynamically and we will prayerfully work together to see what this community of talented, passionate and loving young people will do for the future of this world. – Rev. Dr. Paul Moon

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