What girl hasn’t dreamt of becoming a model? Tutti’s fashion show gave me the opportunity to live that dream and cross that off my bucket list of unrealistic goals. Stephanie’s phenomenal direction also gave me a glimpse of the inner workings of a real fashion show, something that I never would have thought about or experienced before, had I not participated in this event. – Yvonne Chow

I think it was a great way to experience and be part of a fashion show without the pressure of a formal, cold and large-scale production. Everyone had a good time, and it was fun for the models too, albeit slightly rushed. For the next time, I was hoping lighting could be improved, as for our photographer(s) to best capture model poses. Looking forward to doing it again! – Nadeem Ali

It was a great experience to have a community support fashion based on lifestyle and daily dress. As a designer, it was great having peer and community support. A lot of the show was planned, and a good majority of the show was a seamless freestyle. – Swain

tutti chic fashion show was a great experience. It had a business and business casual fashion sense, which I really don’t need in my profession but It gave me the proper understanding on what to wear if I ever need it. I give my applaud for Stephanie Ho to giving her 110% effort. It was still an amateur level of a fashion show but I had a great experience with it – Calvin Kyan

I really enjoyed myself! It was a perfect combination of showing individual styles while also showcasing actual pieces created by some members. It was also a lot of fun; we were able to be serious or sassy. It was a great experience! – Alison Ng “It was quite hectic backstage trying to change in time for the next segments, but it was really fun working with the other models to create something that people would enjoy. It was a great experience and I am looking forward to the next Tutti fashion show!” – Susanne Mei It was exciting to see all my friends in this community show their inner fashionista. It was also eye-opening to me since I don’t touch upon those styles of fashion. – Erica Hu

It was hot and good. – JJ Lin

Tutti’s Fashion Show was a spectacular gathering of friends displaying a passion for stylish outerwear. Each model walks down the runway with his or own unique flair which captures the beauty of the outfit spellbindingly, especially Stephanie Ho. Work it, girl! Although the turn out could have been improved the audience was enthusiastic and supportive. All around the event was a success. – Ricky Chan

Tutti Chic’s Fashion Show was a spectacular time. Although it wasn’t anything really big, it was still filled with great experiences. I’ve taken part in many fashion shows before but this felt different. It had a natural feeling, organic in a way; like it had a life of its own. – Shaq Henry